DoppelDänger at Battersea Arts Centre, 9-13 October 2017

DoppelDänger comes to Battersea Arts Centre for its official London premiere, 9-13 October 2017

Experimental live music and Baroque-pop mash-ups, gender-twisting visuals and gothic storytelling: this new show is an exploration of 'the Doppelgänger' - devised and performed by a pair of real life doppelgängers. With an uncanny blend of European 1630s-inspired retrofuturism and 1930s wrestling, Doppeldänger explores the boundaries between self and other, gig and theatre, and questions representations of femalehood on stage. 

Here's what The Wire says about DoppelDänger: “The highlight comes in She Goat’s DoppelDänger, two artists linked and the limbs and singing…strange compositions, like Björk’s dissonant combinations of simple vocal melodies laid out with humour over complex sonic productions.” (Steph Kretowicz)

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DoppelDänger previews at Camden People's Theatre

After a long time in the making, DoppelDänger previewed at Camden People's Theatre on 17, 18 and 19 November 2016, as part of CPT's festival All The Right Notes, dedicated to exploring where gig and theatre collide. 

The show will tour in 2017, get in touch if you would be interested in booking it.