Photo: James Allan

                                         by She Goat (Eugénie Pastor & Shamira Turner)

Encompassing experimental live music, gender-twisting visuals, and gothic storytelling, this new work is an exploration of ‘the Doppelgänger’ devised and performed by a pair of real life doppelgängers. 

Eugénie Pastor and Shamira Turner are both associate artists of award-winning Little Bulb Theatre. This is their first collaboration as a duo. Together, they are interested in blurring the boundaries of theatre and live music, extravagant multi-tasking and reclaiming what it means to be two women on stage. 

DoppelDänger is a mash up of original compositions and unlikely cover songs - melding synth-pop, electronic textures and baroque harpsichord to create an uncanny and idiosyncratic musical atmosphere.

The piece draws musical inspiration from sources as varied as 90s girls bands pop, summer anthems, Jean-Baptiste Rameau’s harpsichord compositions, electronic music, alt-folk, Franz Schubert, using the unlikely combination of electric bass guitar, tenor recorder, autoharp, second-hand 90s keyboard, MIDI controller and harmonising voices. 

With exciting costumes, alternative music videos using green screen technology, and an idiosyncratic lighting design; DoppelDänger explores the boundaries between self and other, gig and theatre, and questions representations of femalehood on stage.



“The highlight comes in She Goat’s DoppelDänger, two artists linked and the limbs and singing…strange compositions, 

like Björk’s dissonant combinations of simple vocal melodies laid out with humour over complex sonic productions.”

- The Wire: Steph Kretowicz, January 2017



The piece previewed at Camden People’s Theatre on 17, 18, 19 Nov 2016, as part of All The Right Notes festival.

It will premiere at Battersea Arts Centre, London, 9-13 October 2017. Tickets here 


Created & performed by She Goat - Eugénie Pastor & Shamira Turner

In collaboration with

Sarah Munro: Costume

Peter Byrom: Video

Sam Halmarack: Musical Advisor

Deborah Pearson: Dramaturgical Advice

Verity Sadler: Set

Marty Langthorne: Lighting Design


All Photo credits: James Allan


Commissioned by Battersea Arts Centre

Supported by & developed at Camden People’s Theatre

Supported using public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England.